Bernie Brown is coming! A 6-part series starring Genevieve Brock, Constance Washington, Christian Heath and Craig Mather.

Based on the 2013 short film 'What A Gun' the show is a wacky workplace comedy following the adventures of Bernie, a young, aspiring artist with an epic imagination and a talking genius dog called Louie. Set in an alternate version of modern-day Melbourne, Bernie works as a mail girl at the Trickett Press - the last print magazine house left in the country. The Press is staffed by an ensemble of quirky and outrageous characters, best described as 30 Rock meets Offspring!

Bernie Brown is the studio's first feature length in-house production. Filming kicked off in January 2017 and was completed in October. The series is now in post-production. Watch our promo video above to learn more about how the show got started and meet the producers.

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