Main Cast from left to right: Johnny (Ezel Doruk), Emelda (Tammi Vingerhoets), Adam (Christian Heath), Polly (Constance Washington), Bernie (Genevieve Brock), Glenn (Craig Mather), Frank (Tim Constantine), Gweneth (Lucy Norton), Rochelle (Chloë Gavin) and Lila / Christopher Downs as the voice of Louie.

The show not only boasts this fantastic main cast, but a diverse supporting cast which includes Patrick Hill, Dan Haberfield, Tom Liddy, Huw Jennings, Vanessa Cammaroto, Frank Handrum, Kentaro Hara, Frederique Fouche, Elizabeth O'Callaghan and Jake Sparano. Also watch out for celebrity guest appearances from James Mason, Don Bridges, Gabriel Gaté, Peter Hitchener, James Liotta, Rowan Francis, Joanne Nguyen and many many more!!!

Filming for Bernie Brown was completed late 2017. The series is now in post-production. In the meantime, please enjoy our Special Introductory Episode above and LIKE our Facebook page for all the latest news, pics and updates about the show. If you are a content distributor and interested in Bernie Brown for your own platform, hit the contact tab or email