Bernie Brown is coming! A 6-part comedy series from creator / writer / director Cassie Dart, produced by DCF Studios. Based on the 2013 short film 'What A Gun', the show is a workplace ensemble style comedy following the misadventures of Bernie Brown (Genevieve Brock), an aspiring artist with an epic imagination and talking genius dog Louie (voiced by Christopher Downs).

Set in the alternate reality of the ‘Big City’, Bernie works as a mail girl at the Trickett Press, the last magazine house in the country. The Press is staffed by a team of lively characters, from the over-the-top boss Glenn Trickett (Craig Mather) who has no idea at all, to the all-knowing trickster courier Johnny, who can teleport at will. Among the ensemble also stars Constance Washington as the formidable senior editor Polly Canaré and Christian Heath reprising his role as Adam Hunter, head of creative and Bernie’s love interest. Although viewers of the original film may find these older characters not quite the same as before!

The show not only boasts a large and delightful cast of diverse Australian talent, but includes guest appearances from James Mason, Don Bridges, Gabriel Gaté, Peter Hitchener, James Liotta, Rowan Francis and many more. Among its colourful characters and their intertwined stories, the show plays with what is real and imagined in our fast developing digital world. Bernie Brown is for anyone who enjoys a bit of fantasy with their comedy, a nostalgia for the past or just a healthy dose of slapstick.

Filming for Bernie Brown was completed in late 2017. The series is now in post-production and set to release a special introductory episode soon. Please visit our Facebook page to check out the latest news and highlights from the show!